We look forward to our first conference in April.  It is our heart to see Christians come from different denominations come together under God’s Word, to learn, worship and pray together, and to make a difference in our community.  Besides serving as a gathering for people from different churches, the theme of the conference will focus on discovering God’s personal call on your own life, and explore what can happen when we link arms together in fulfilling that call.

Terry and Pat Carlson who have over 30 years of ministry experience.  They have served as Associate Pastors & Children’s Pastors of New Life Church in St. Claire Shores, Michigan.  Over 15 years ago, they founded both a summer camp for abused foster kids, that works with local churches a business to run, as well as Mantle Ministries, where they travel to around 7 countries a year, ministering, supporting leaders, and in some nations, helping set up camps to underprivileged kids, such as in South Africa and Thailand.  They have also traveled extensively to places like India, Romania, and Lebanon.  This will be their sixteenth trip to minister in Ireland!