Who we are

We are a group of lay people from different Christian denominations, Protestant and Catholic, sharing a common concern to help make positive changes in society and especially to engage with young people. Kilkenny Christian Centre (KCC) is a company limited by guarantee (registered in Dublin no. 434575) with charitable status and registered charity charitable tax exemption (Registered Charity nos. 20063092, CHY 17117) with a Board of Directors, a Steering Committee, and two part-time outreach workers with a special responsibility for young people.


What we believe

It is our experience and belief in the power of God to transform lives, to “provide hope and a future” as promised by God to those who take refuge in Him, in the book of Jeremiah. We also believe that great things can be achieved when Christians shed denominational barriers and work together. The steering committee was formed in consultation with church leaders, but is a “grass roots” organisation where no church is formally represented. Rather, we set side denominational labels and pray together for the Lord’s leading by His Spirit. As Bible-centred evangelical Christians, we believe in unity around the core truths of the Gospel.


The perceived need

Kilkenny is a small city in South East Ireland facing challenges common to many urban centres, unemployment, and disaffected youth turning to gambling, alcohol and other drug abuse, and a sadly high suicide rate. Early research showed that young people in particular complain that there is nowhere much to go unless you have money to spend (which most don’t). With lack of positive engagement, too many are drawn into these damaging lifestyles and a loss of hope. Much of adult society has become disaffected with “the church”, and creative new ways of engaging people with the Gospel are needed- we can no longer just wait for people to walk through the doors of churches to connect them with the Good News.


The idea

A group of Christian lay people came together with the belief that there needs to be more engagement with local needy people, young and old, and that an “unlabelled” Christian resource centre in the city could help to provide this, and be a means of bringing hope into people’s lives. It is to be a place where people may bring their concerns and find a listening ear and practical love, and our objective is to foster relationships, to help people, especially teens, grow into positions of responsibility, that they in turn may help others. Our plan is for the Christian values of integrity and truth to run through all we seek to do. Our logo depicts a lighthouse on a rock- warning against danger of where society is heading, shining light into our darkness, and guiding safely to the solid rock of Christ on which we may stand. Ultimately, it is our desire to change the negative culture surrounding people, generating a positive environment in place of the current negative peer pressure.


Charities Regulators Information 

A company limited by guarantee, registered in Dublin no. 434575, Registered Charity nos. 20063092, CHY 17117. 

Address: Kilkenny Christian Centre, Cobbler’s Hill, Annamult, Stoneyford, County Kilkenny, R95 VOD8

Email: kilkennychristiancentre@gmail.com

Annual Report