The Rock and Kilkenny Christian Centre Update

The last few months have involved lots of planning and preparation for when we have our new building, and we have agreed a date with the seller to try to close at the end of May! This is an encouragement and an affirmation of the commitment on both sides, though we still await crucial land registry clearance. Further consultation with architect and engineer have affirmed the wisdom of replacing the asbestos roof from the start, as even though it is safe, it is in poor condition and it would be very disruptive to replace in a few years’ time.

We advertised to a selected audience for a centre manager/youth worker (or a couple) to be employed to run thecentre, with particular focus on youth, but are so far disappointed not to have yet had a suitable applicant. Further targetted enquiries are being made for this critical appointment.

At the moment it feels rather like digging over the soil and planting, which can be heavy going at times, but we anticipate flourishing times ahead with a vibrant community centre and youth drop-in!

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