The Light House Project
“God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all”

Our vision could be summarised in three words:

Light for all people
From our community centre in the making we have the beautiful message of the Gospel to
share, which sheds light on our understanding of who we are and who we can be, which drives
away fear and condemnation, and shows us the love of God in Christ. Its pure light shines in contrast to the superficial bright lights this world offers which so often ensnare the young.

Connection of God’s people to each other and community
We are convinced that when Christians believe the truth of the Bible and come together, irrespective of background, God works powerfully. Kilkenny Christian Centre is an interdenominational charity, seeking to promote connection of Christians with one another, and with the community at large. The Light House is to be a place where outreach and social projects are inspired and facilitated.

Hope for young people
We believe in a God who gives a hope and a future to all who put their trust in Him. Our experience over the last decade is that is a particular need for our teens today, many of whom struggle with meaning, purpose and identity. James and Rachel are experienced pastors joining us to help relaunch The Rock youth drop-in and more, and to develop and promote the vision for the Centre in its ministry to bring hope to our wider community.

Kilkenny Christian Centre, the umbrella charity, has recently purchased a 6,400 sq.ft. old grain
store in need of refurbishment. The development programme is for compatible retail and business
units on the ground floor, with the community and youth centre upstairs. Have a look at our projects section.